E.T.: Okay, da pony is all hitched up. Mew girls juss sit up here to drive da wagon.

Phelicity: Oh, dis'll be exciting! Let's hurry so da caravan doesn't leaf wifout us!

Ginger: What if da pony wants to go somewheres else? Where's your wagon, E.T.?

E.T.: I'll be right behind mew, juss use da reins like I showed mew.

We arrived at da furst camp dis efening!

Phelicity: Whew! Thank mew fur taking care of our pony, E.T..

Ginger: Isn't dis fun! We're gonna haff a cookout supper, too.

E.T.: Da girls are watchin da campfire (I hope). I'm carryin da food in my wagon so we don't run out on dis trip (I hope). Here I come, girls!

Does mew hear a gypsy band playin?

Yes!! Let's go find dem!

Gypsies know da bestest places to dance at night!