Brave Bear: Who be strange cats in long clothes working on land?

Dances Wiff Goose: Strange ones not grow corn? Only pumpkin and potatoes?

Running Bird: Why strange cats not plant more on good land here?

Brave Bear: Strange ones hunt fur meat. I see in woods. Hunt wiff long sticks go Bang.

Dances Wiff Goose: Bang?

Brave Bear: Go Boom.

Running Bird: Boom?

Brave Bear: Squaws hush now! Strange ones also fish in river.

Dances Wiff Goose: River be frozen soon. Winter come now.

Running Bird: No! Not want winter. Need new warm robe first!

Brave Bear: Let us watch strange ones wiff not many kinds food.

Dances Wiff Goose: Where strange ones live? I see no teepees.

Running Bird: I see big shelters of wood, and strange ones go inside.

Brave Bear: Wood be good shelter, but needed fur fire. Strange ones cut wiff silver tools.

Dances Wiff Goose: Why we no cut wood fur shelter?

Running Bird: We not haff silver tools.

Brave Bear: Squaws hush now!

Dances Wiff Goose: Strange ones hunt our big turkey birds too?

Running Bird: Is good, there be plenty many.

Brave Bear: Hunt wiff loud Blam, scare off many more. Not haff silent arrows.

Dances Wiff Goose and Running Bird: Blam?

Brave Bear: Squaws Hush! I go hunt now. Squaws go work.

Dances Wiff Goose and Running Bird: *mewgiggles*

Brave Bear: Here we are. Strange cats set up big feast!

Dances Wiff Goose: And we really was invited to come?

Running Bird: Yes, strange ones much friendly!

Brave Bear: Squaws did good to bring corn. Good work!

Dances Wiff Goose: (whispurr) He said we did good work!

Running Bird: (whispurr) Yes, our brofur is good and kind brave. But not tell him!

Brave Bear: Strange ones say giffing thanks. Will explain to us.

We giff thanks fur all our many blessings,
our good homes and many good furriends,
and Turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Cat Mountain Kitties
E.T. (Brave Bear)
Phelicity (Dances Wiff Goose)
and Ginger (Running Bird)