Phelicity's reunion with her sisfur Mewsette

She's in the company now of all the family and friends she outlived, for nearly all she'd had over the years went on before her. She is with Mewsette, BamBam, Blynky, Rusty, her papa Dauphin, her mother Misha, Littlefoot, Mercury, Frenchie, Shibui, Charlie, Meggie, Ms. Pepe, Levi, MGD, Freya, KeeKee, Smokey, Jamie Two-Feathers, Jessie Blyton, Ned and Alex, Queen Bitsy,
Queen Tissy, and many others, some of which we may not know.

They were all in the multitude of kitty angels led by her beloved Mewsette,
who came to carry her home.

At least one of us, and sometimes many of us, have been blessed by each of these kitty angels and many others. Let us never forget them.

Phelicity's Memorial Page