Ginger an me discoffured this liddle French bistro when we roller skated ofur to haf a early dinner at the sidewalk part one day. When it got dark we went inside. Ooooh, is it a fun place! Dey gots piano mewsic playing an efurrything. We called E.T. so he could come haf fun too ... an take us home in his car. So we come back lotsa efenings.

Here's our fafurite waiter-kitty at the Bistro. He comes if we gets a table.

We likes the bar part wif the stools that goes round an round an the fundoo pot to dip stuffs in, too. I luffs fundoo, it's melted cheese an cream, mmmmmmmmm. But we still go to dinner at Cat-Cheezy a lot, an nothin can beat their dessert cart!

Mew wouldn't belief how fast Ginger an me can wipe the whole thing out, mewhehe!
My fafurite is the cream puffs. Dey's on the bottom. (Not fur long.)

We's all goin out honky-tonkin tonight after we gets some good barbeque fur dinner.
I hope I doesn't drip nothin.

We got three nice, big plates . . . . each.

Here we are at our fafurite honky-tonk dance hall anoffur night.
I luffs country western dancin, an I luffs this band!

Sometimes I stays ofurnight at Ginger an E.T.'s house. We gets pizza an ice cream an makes popcorn an watches movies.

Ginger: Oh my, we better clean dis up befur my meowmie sees it in da morning!

Phelicity: Yup, let's hurry. Save me dat one pizza box, I might need a snackie laters.

Guess what! We's all gonna see the new Garfield movie dat just came out.
We luffs goin to da real movie theater, dey's so big here!

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