E.T. and Mewsette will be greeting the trick-or-treaters here at their lake house.

Phelicity and Ginger are upstairs trying on saloon girl costumes.

Phelicity: I think I likes bloomers after all, dey's fun. Dey gots plenny of room fur our fluffy tails, too!

Ginger: I saw pictures of old-timey saloon girls dat wore dese. I like da feathers, too.

Phelicity: Yeah, maybe we could....... SISS-FURRRR!!!

Mewsette (from other room): Whaaaaaaatttttt??

Phelicity: Look in da door. How's this bloomers costume fur saloon girls? Cute, huh?

Mewsette: Yup, it's cute, but them are underwear. Mew gonna go out in undies?

Ginger: Undies?!? Are mew sure?

Phelicity: Are dey still undies iffen I wears white gloves too?

Mewsette: Still undies.

Ginger: Oh dear, I don't think we wanna be seen in our undies!

Phelicity: Wellllllllllllllllllll, dey's awful cute ..ulp ...undies. Dey gots feathers.

Mewsette: Still undies.

Ginger: sigh. We could wear our purrdy purple saloon girl gowns.

Phelicity: Wellllllllllll ..... okay, let's try dem on.

Ginger: Oh yes, I luff my purrple one!

Phelicity: We'll be all ready fur the party laters.

Ginger: Yup, E.T.'s going as Marshall Dillon an Mewsette will be Miss Kitty.

Phelicity: An we's her girls, *mewgiggles* E.T.'s gonna haf his paws full keepin law an order.

E.T.: Dats da truth! I hear noise, dere must be trick-or-treaters outside.

Mewsette: Let's go out an see. Would mew bring the candy bowl, girls?

E.T.: Here sweetheart, lemme help mew into your cloak. I don't want mew to get chilled.

Mewsette: Thank mew, my luff. I could nefur get chilled near mew, tho.

Please take our card fur mew!