A Sponsors Unofficial Guide
To Help A Sponcee Thru The A.A. Twelve Steps Of Recovery
You don't have to loose ... Your Marbles !

If you begin ...
Working the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
As It Is 'Laid Out In The Basic Text' Of Our Big Book.

''When Printing These Worksheets Or Charts''
*Note: All 'Worksheets and Charts' are formated to Print on 8 1/2 X 11 paper, but you 'Should' Remove the
Time, Date and the Page URL... On your 'Printer Down Arrow', use 'Print Preview' and
adjust the pages to fit your computer settings... Print 'multiple copies' of
worksheet charts, as needed.

Note: A Joe & Charlie Big Book Step Study Workshop Cd-mp3, Is Available For Listening To On Each Step...
*Recorded In 1998, All 'Page' References Are From Our '3rd Edition' Big Book ... Adjust Accordingly...

''To Save these Mp3 Files for Future Listening or to Burn Later''
*To save these mp3 audio files to your computer, right click on the link, then choose:
"Save Target As..." saving the file to a destination folder on your computer.
Joe and Charlie Big Book Step Mp3 Cd's Here

I can't ... *view/listen/print: STEP ONE...
He can ... *view/listen/print: STEP TWO...

I think I'll Let Him... *view/listen/print: STEP THREE...

*view/listen/print: STEP FOUR ... *view/listen/print: STEP FIVE
*view/listen/print: STEP SIX ... ... ... *view/listen/print: STEP SEVEN
*view/listen/print: STEP EIGHT .. ... .. *view/listen/print: STEP NINE
*view/listen/print: STEP TEN ... *view/listen/print: STEP ELEVEN
.....*view/listen/print: STEP TWELVE .....

*Step worksheets may be updated, tuned, or tweaked, as time or information permits...

Link to the complete 'Step by Step' set of Joe and Charlie weekend Big Book Step Mp3 Cd's
'Many Thanks' ...
To all our fellow alcoholics webpages,
across the world wide web, in helping provide this 'Life-Saving' information.

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