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These Step Study Worksheets are only meant to be another tool in helping the alcoholic on there 12 Step Journey, to better understand the Basic and Simple approach to practicing the Steps, as they are ... 'Laid Out In The Basic Text Of The Big Book' of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I ask my Higher Power for help in making my list
of all those I have harmed.
I will take responsibility for my mistakes,
and be forgiving to others as You are forgiving to me.
Grant me the willingness to begin my restitution.

"Now we need 'More Action', without which we find that "Faith Without Works Is Dead." Let's look at Steps Eight and Nine. We have a list of all persons we have harmed and to whom we are willing to make amends. We made it when we took inventory. We subjected ourselves to a drastic self-appraisal." (Big Book, Pg. 76)

* A suggested worksheet chart on the link below works very well for some people. It is comprized of Four Sections. A 'Right Now' amends column, 'Later', 'Maybe' and a 'Never' columns. The idea is by the time you've completed section #3 the 'Maybe' amends, your Spiritual Growth by this time, will more than likely give you the 'Willingness and Courage' to take on your 'Never Make Amends' section.


1) Alcoholics Anonymous, Big Book, Chapter 6: Into Action - Pgs. 76-84.
1a) Audio: 'Step 8' mp3 (10 min) listen/burn here

2) *View/Print Four Section 'Amends List' Worksheet: link here

It Is 'STRONGLY' Suggested You 'Read And Listen' To The Above 'SEVERAL' Times 'BEFORE' Continuing This Process...

STEP 8: "Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all."

*A suggested 'Thought' to consider for Step 8 - "FORGIVENESS."

"When I came into the Fellowship,
I believed there were a lot more people who
hurt me, than I hurt.
When I made my list and thought about it,
I realized I played a significant role in the
broken relationships that ensued."

As we mentioned in your Step 4 inventory, a significant update appeared in the (1952) 12&12's Step 8 about an amends list. "To a degree, he has already done this when taking moral inventory, but now the time has come when He Ought To 'REDOUBLE HIS EFFORTS' to see how many people he has hurt, and in what ways." (12&12 Pg. 77)

Also, the 12&12 discusses 'Emotional and Other Damage' to those not necesarily Resented, Feared or Romanced. We sincerely intended to love many people, but actually abused them at times with our "isms". We added OUR LIFES NAMES in Step 4 as a "master index" of our lives, inspired by this 12&12 direction.
(12&12 Pgs. 78-79)

If you need to complete such a list, complete one now. Don't concern yourself at this time with whether or not you should, or will be able to, actually make the amends.

1. Do I have relationships that I need to heal?

2. Which of those relationships bother me the most?

3. Is there still any persons remaining I am not at peace with?

4. What happened between me and these persons?

5. What frightens me about making amends?

6. What do I believe I need to do to repair the damage?

7. Do I believe it is helpful to 'Redouble My Efforts' and make a second list of persons who hurt me?

8. Would I find it helpful to make a third list and put my name on it?

9. Am I willing and able to forgive myself and the persons who hurt me, to make amends to myself and all those I have hurt?

10. Can I ask my Higher Power for the keenness in perceiving, that understanding and wisdom, before receiving the 'Willingness and Courage' to make amends to all these persons who were harmed?

Now we go out to our fellows and repair the damage done in the past.
"Faith Without Works Is Dead"
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