Highland Garden Archives

Welcome to our archives. Here you will find some projects we've done in the past of which we are quite proud. We hope you enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Since today is July 8th, and National Night Out is around the corner, let's start with our past NNO.

Our first National Night Out was in 2007. As an organization, we were only 5 months old. As you can see, it was a most fantastic experience. We also gave credit to those who made this night a success. A list follows the photos.
National Night Out, 2007
National Night Out, 2008
National Night Out, 2011
National Night Out, 2012
National Night Out, 2013
National Night Out, 2016

The other big project we had in 2007 was a tree planting on 28th Ave.
Tree Planting Project 2007
We did another one in 2008, but that will be included in the Olympic events.

May Newsletter, 2007
June Newsletter,2007
Spring Newsletter, 2008
Spring Newsletter 2011
Autumn Newsletter 2012
Fall Newsletter 2014
February Newsletter 2017

Showcase Homes
Home of the month

We took part in the neighborhood olympics and actually came in third place which earned us the $250 prize. Following the point chart for the olympics are photos of the different projects we did to earn points. Hope you enjoy....

Points chart
Florida Neighborhood Conference
Press release for our "Treasure Hunt".
Treasure Hunt
The Jim & Jade Show
The following are all clumped together...
Sign Cleaning
Cash for Trash
Field Day
Hurricane Awareness Meeting
Tree Planting 2008

Cash for Trash, 2009