Note: **Please review the Neighborhood Olympics Back-up Guidelines for necessary criteria for points to be awarded.**

Important Dates:
Field Days- June 21, 2008
Award Ceremony- September 20, 2008

Points will be awarded from March 1, 2008-August 31, 2008

a. Painting a Home in the Neighborhood..............................350 points
b. Painting Home with Code Violation regarding Paint............................450 points

b. Neighborhood Clean-Up (3-Hour, 10 participants and 25 (30 gallon) full garbage bags minimum).............................................................550 Points

c. Tree Planting (Trees must be 12'x5' Overall, Fl Grade #1, not less then 2" of trunk caliper- contact your City team for approved list & further info.)................ 25 points per tree.
500 Max.

d. Removing & Properly Disposing of Visible Illegal Signs in Neighborhood 25 points for every 10 Signs. No Max.

e. Returning abandoned shopping carts to respective stores or markets (Photos of shopping cart in the neighborhood and being returned & letter from store manager required) 25 points per shopping cart. 100 Max.

f. Environmental Workshop (1-Hour, 10 participants minimum with a qualified presenter) 250 points. Additional 10 pts. for each participant over the 10 minimum.

g. Lawn/ Lot Mowing- Must be on Code Violation List- permission from property owner/Code Enforcement required. 100 points.

h. Cleaning the Neighborhood Entrance Signs.........500 points

i. Cleaning or Painting over Graffiti.........................500 points

j. BONUS: Cleaning Out Grate of Catch Basins- Adopt a Catch Basin Volunteer...............25 points per Catch Basin. 200 Max.

k. BONUS: Neighborhoods Helping Neighborhoods (NHN) 25 points per individual that helps with another neighborhood’s project. List neighborhood helped and project: 300 Max.


l. BONUS: Neighborhood Partnership on a project/program that includes 100 or more participants/attendees. Points will be awarded to each neighborhood 500 points.


a. Neighborhood Essay Contest (3 categories: ages 9-11, 12-14 and 15-17) Must have a minimum of 15 essays submitted and attached to this form- Title: “Why I Love My Neighborhood” 100 points

b. Neighborhood Educational Workshops (i.e. Grant Writing, Food, Mosaics, Landscape & Gardening, Art, Sewing, Tree Trimming, Crafts, Resume’/ Interview, etc.). Must be a minimum of 10 participants. There is a 3 workshop Maximum. You may conduct more than 3, however pts. will not be awarded for any over 3. 250+10 points for each participant over 10.

c. Hold a Neighborhood Progressive Dinner (Each meal (course) served at a different neighbor’s house). 250 points.

d. Neighborhood Association Representation at City Events (not meetings). 25 points per representative in attendance.

e. Neighborhood Association Representation in City Facilitated Trainings/Educational Workshops. 25 points per individual attending.

f. Neighborhood Association Representation at the Citizen’s Code Academy scheduled March 6,11,18 & 25- call Code Enforcement at (954) 921-3060. 100 points Neighborhood Association Representative (includes attendance at all 4 classes).

g. Holding a Neighborhood National Night Out Against Crime Event on Tuesday, August 5,2008. 25 points for each neighbor signed in on the Sign-in sheet. Max. 500 points.

h. Participation in Community Development Week, Fair Housing Month by attending a Quarterly Resident Educational Workshop (March 26, 2008, June 17, 2008 or August 26, 2008 ) 25 points for each Neighborhood Association Representative.

i. April is “Fair Housing Month”. Participate in the Department of Housing & Community Development’s “Fair Housing Fiesta & Open House”. 25 points for each Neighborhood Association Representative.

j. Participate in Hurricane Preparedness Workshop. 25 points for each Neighborhood Association Representative.

k. Participate in Annual Crime Watch Meeting- May 6, 2008. 25 points for each Neighborhood Association Representative.

l. Create an active and recognized Neighborhood Crime Watch Team in the neighborhood. 500 points.

m. Sign up for Neighborhood Crime Watch as a Block Captain. 50 points for each Neighborhood Association Representative.

n. Volunteer Hollywood Participation
Neighborhood Association Representatives who volunteer with the City’s Volunteer Hollywood Program.
50 points for every 25 volunteer hours.

o. Neighborhood Website
Additional Points for monthly updated sites.
100 points for NEW Website
75 points for existing and 50 points each month if site includes current info./dates.

p. Incorporation of Neighborhood Association with Tax ID #
100 points for new incorporation and 50 points for renewed incorp.

q. Neighborhood Newsletter (must be minimum of 4 pages- including front and rear covers) May be Quarterly or Monthly. 100 points for each newsletter.

r. Attending State/ National Neighborhood Conference(s)-NUSA is May 21-24 in Hampton, Va. And the Florida Neighborhoods Conference is June 26-28 in Tallahassee, Fl. 100 points per individual.

s. Hold a Spaghetti Dinner or other organized evening event or fundraiser (Not including meetings). 100 points per event.

t. Hold a recognition program regarding your Neighborhood (i.e. Citizen of the month, quarter, year or community leader, community partner etc.) 100 points per event.

u. New Civic Association Members (Household Membership counts as 1 member) Must submit Membership Roster at beginning of the session. 25 points for each new Civic Association Member.

v. Provide Tutoring (i.e. High-School Student may tutor younger child or their peers, adults can tutor children, etc.). 50 points per tutoring session-500 Max. w. Obtain a grant to benefit the neighborhood. 500 points.

x. Assist another neighborhood in obtaining a grant for their neighborhood. y. Establish partnership(s) with local businesses by obtaining monetary or in-kind contributions of a minimum of $250.00 combined (itemize list). 250 points Max.

z. Partner with another neighborhood to hold a project/event that produces 100 or more attendees/participants. 500 points.

aa. Patronize Hollywood local/small businesses or restaurants (not including chain franchises or convenient stores).
Points will not be earned for cigarette, cigar, pipe tobacco and alcoholic beverage purchases.
10 points per visit..1000 Max.

bb. Lending supplies to another neighborhood to assist them in Physical Enhancement projects. 100 points each time-500 points max.

cc. BONUS: Volunteer at local center or with agency (Broward Outreach, Jubilee Center, Library, Special Needs Group etc.)
Letter of verification required
25 points each individual.



a. Neighborhood Field Day. Include an array of sports/ entertainment activities to involve both young and old- 20 participant minimum. 100 points.

b. Adult Spelling Bee (10 participant minimum)
Kid Spelling Bee (10 participant minimum)....50 points each.

c. Board Game/ Card Game Day (10 participant minimum)....50 points.

d. Sports Tournament (can be neighborhood sport of choice)......100 points

e. Neighborhood Camping Trip...................250 points.

f. Field Trip (i.e. canoeing at Ann Kolb Nature Center, picnic at T.Y. or any Park, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood Beach, John U. Lloyd State Park, Parrot Jungle Island, Viscaya, Japanese Gardens, Miami Seaquarium, etc.)- Minimum of 15 participants. 250 points.

g. Home Garden Tour or Historical Home Tour (10 participant minimum and must tour minimum of 5 homes)....... 250 points.

h. BONUS: Prettiest Flower Garden Contest....... 50 points.

i. BONUS: Most beautiful yard Contest........... 50 points.

j. Lawn Mower Races..........50 points.

k. Garbage Bag Races (be creative…this can mean anything)..............50 points.

l. Scrimmages between neighborhoods (can be any sporting event(s)).........250 points.

WELLNESS CHALLENGE (Physical, Mental & Emotional)


a. Health Workshop (i.e. Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Nutrition, etc.) (minimum of 10 participants)......250+10 points per person over 10

b. Hold a “Quit Smoking” Program or Youth Smoking Prevention Program........250 Points

c. Blood Donation
Points granted for each individual who donates blood at any facility- must have validation
100 points per individual donating blood- no maximum

d. Neighborhood Health Fair.......50 participants minimum.......500 points.

50 participants minimum e. Join a Health Club
New Memberships to ANY health facility will be awarded pts.- proof required.....50 points per membership.

f. CPR/AED Class..............50 points for each certified during Neighborhood Olympics.

g. Children enrolled in Swimming Lessons.........50 points for each neighborhood child enrolled.

h. Completed College Scholarship Application
Memorial Healthcare offers scholarship opportunities
25 pts. for each Memorial Healthcare scholarship application

i. Any cardiovascular exercise contest (i.e. Jump Rope, Marathon, Bicycling, etc.)
Minimum of 10 participants.......100 points

j. Have a Neighborhood Relay for Life Team (Benefiting the American Cancer Society)....... Minimum 20 participants............500 points.

k. Hold project to raise funds, education or awareness of certain diseases/illnesses such as AIDS, Heart, Diabetes, etc. .............250 Points.

l. Volunteer at Hospital, Senior or Day Care Facility or Special Needs Facility. Letter(s) of Verification required as proof...........50 points per individual.

m. Participation in the YMCA “Healthy Kids Day” (April 12, 2008)10 pts. for each neighborhood child registered.

n. Participation in AIDS Awareness Seminar/Health Fair. 10 points for each Neighborhood Association Representative.

o. May is “Older Americans Month”. Host an event to honor the seniors in your neighborhood......10 points per neighborhood attendee. Max. 250 points.

p. Participation/Attendance at Health-related Workshop or Seminar.....10 points per neighborhood attendee.

q. BONUS: Good Samaritan i.e.- checking in on an elderly/disabled neighbor, bringing food to a sick neighbor, driving a neighbor to an appt./meeting, etc...................50 points per deed.

FIELD DAYS (Neighborhood vs. Neighborhood Competitions) JUNE 21, 2008: Participation in “Field Days” at the Hollywood Family YMCA on Saturday, June 21, 2008- (10 civic association member minimum) 500 pts. and 25 pts. for each member over 10

Neighborhood Jeopardy- 250 pts. First Place
100 pts. Second Place
50 pts. Third Place

Neighborhood Essay Contest (“Why I Love the City of Hollywood”)-50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 pts. Third Place
3 Age Categories (9-11, 12-14 and 15-17)

Adult Swimming Race- 50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 points Third place.
(1 Long and 1 Short Race will be included in this event- same point structure)

Neighborhood Volleyball Tournament- 100 pts. First Place
50 pts. Second Place
25 pts. Third Place
There is a 9 player minimum- kids and adults may be on the team

Hoops Challenge- 50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 pts. Third Place

Freeze Dance- 50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 pts. Third Place

Neighborhood Tug of War- 100 pts. First Place
50 pts. Second Place
25 pts. Third Place
Minimum of 5 participants per neighborhood- maximum of 10 participants. Each team will be divided evenly.

Hoola Hoop Contest- 50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 pts. Third Place

Kids Swimming Race- 50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 pts. Third Place

Track- Individual Foot Race- 50 pts. First Place
25 pts. Second Place
10 pts. Third Place
(1 Long and 1 Short Race will be included in this event- same point structure)

Food Drive Contest benefiting Jubilee Center of Hollywood- 250 pts. First Place
100 pts. Second Place
50 pts. Third Place
Food must be collected prior to Field Day event at the YMCA

Team Inner Tube Relay Race- 100 pts. First Place
50 pts. Second Place
25 pts. Third Place

Individual Field Day Contest must only include 1 representative per neighborhood

(Miscellaneous POINTS)

BONUS POINTS will be awarded for ANY project/program that receives print media- 50 pts. per occurrence
“Random Act of Neighborliness” or “Outside the Box Projects”
There is no limit to the Random Acts of Neighborliness or Outside the Box Projects. Explanation and back-up should be attached. The committee will award 25 points for every Random Act of Neighborliness or Outside the Box Project.
Additional discretionary points may be awarded for the number of neighbors who are positively impacted.
No more than 100 points will be awarded for each act.
The Committee will meet to review all documentation/photos submitted and the decisions are final.
Please be creative and thoughtful. Max. 500 discretionary points may be awarded.

**Entry Form Must Be Verified and Signed by the Neighborhood Civic Association President**

NOTE: Documentation pertaining to a particular item must be CLEARLY marked (i.e. copy of the letter of verification for volunteering for a day should be marked “Volunteer letter of verification from Hospital/Day Care/ Special Needs Facility”- 50 pts.). Any minors participating in the Neighborhood Olympics Program MUST have a permission slip/waiver of liability signed by a parent/guardian and given to the Team Coach. Each Neighborhood Association is responsible for creating, organizing and maintaining these permission slips/waivers of liability or hold harmless. Please remember that if you are not sure if something will be eligible for points or if you do not completely understand the requirement or back up material for an activity, please call one of your City team members at (954) 921-3271.

Comments from Neighborhood Olympics Committee:

Neighborhood Resources: Each neighborhood has a Neighborhood Resource Specialist. Please contact the Department of Housing and Community Redevelopment for more information at (954) 921-3271.

Code Enforcement may assist the Neighborhoods with violation lists, paint, etc. at (954) 921-3061

The Volunteer Hollywood Coordinator, Rosena Francois may assist with all volunteer opportunities. You may reach her at (954) 921-3020

Remember, the points are great, but the ultimate reward is the unity, spirit, neighborhood enhancement and relationships that will be developed as a result of participation in the Neighborhood Olympics.

Students MUST participate in Broward County School approved community service projects on this point chart in order to qualify for community service hours.

 Signed/ Verified by the Neighborhood Olympics Committee