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From 1920 through 1966 all Gravely walk-behind tractors and the Westchester
riding tractor used engines designed and built by Gravely.

Starting with the Commercial 10 walk-behind and 400 series riders, and
continuing through the end of walk-behind and riding tractor
production, Gravely used a variety of engines from
Kohler, Onan, Briggs & Stratton, and Robin.

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Non Gravely Manufactured Engine Manuals

Kohler Engine Manuals

List Of Kohler Engines Used By Gravely - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Engine Models K91 - 4hp, K161 - 7hp, & K181 - 8hp - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Engine Models K241, K301 & K321 - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Engine Models KT17 - 17hp & KT19 - 19hp Series II - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Engine Models K482 & K582 - 23hp - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Magnum Engine Models 8, 12, 16hp Horizontal Crank - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Magnum Engine Models 18 & 20hp Horizontal Crank - Info .pdf

1998 Guide To Kohler Engine Rebuilding - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: 1 Cyl. Eng. K91, K141, K161, K181, K241, K301, K321 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Engine Model K361 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Twin Cyl. Engine Models K482, K532, K582, K662 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Twin Models KT17 - KT19 Series II & KT17, KT19, KT21 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: 1 Cyl. Magnum Models M8, M10, M12, M14, M16 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Twin Cylinder Magnum Models M18 & M20 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Command Series 11, 12.5, 14hp Horizontal Crank - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Command Pro CS Series 4 - 12hp Horizontal Crank - Info .pdf

Selection Guide For Short Blocks, Mini Blocks, K301 12hp Specs - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: K Series Engine K301 12hp Specs - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: 'Gravely' Kohler Model K301S 12hp Electric Start - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: 'Gravely' Kohler Model M18S 18hp - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: 'Gravely' Kohler Model M20S 20hp - Info .pdf

Onan Engine Manuals

List Of Onan Engines Used By Gravely - Info .pdf

Combination Manual: Operator, Service & Parts - CCKA Industrial Engines - Info .pdf
( These are the specific CCKA engines used by Gravely )

  Service Manual: CCK, CCKA, & CCKB Engines - Info .pdf

  Service & Parts Manual: Series NB Industrial Engines Models NB - MS - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: B43M & B48M Engines - Info .pdf

Parts Manual: Series CCKA-MS Industrial Engines - Info .pdf
( Covers the specific CCKA-MS specification parts used by Gravely )

  Parts Manual: CCK-CCKA Industrial Engine Specs A-J - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual Addendum: Special Parts Lists - CCK-CCKA Specs A-J - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual Addendum: Special Parts Lists - CCK-CCKA-MS Specs A-J - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual Addendum: Special Parts Lists - CCK-CCKA Specs A-J - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: B43M-GA016 Industrial Engine Specs A-C - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: B48M-GA018 Industrial Engine Specs A-C - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Current B48M-GA018 Eng. Common Part Numbers 18hp - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: P216G, P218G & P220G Engines - Specs A-H - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Engine P224G - 24hp - Specs B-H - Info .pdf

Briggs & Stratton Engine Manuals

Note: The B&S 16 HP single-cylinder Model 326437 is used on the 816S, 8162
and 8163 riding tractors. The B&S 16 HP Vanguard V-Twin Model 303447
is used on the Professional 16 walk-behind.

  Owners Manual: Model Series 233400 9hp, 243400 10hp & 326400 16hp - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Model Series 290000, 300000, 350000 & 380000 - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Gravely B&S Engine Model No. 326457 - Type 0248-01 - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Industrial-Commercial Model Series 326400 To 326499 - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Model Series 326400 - Types 0010 To 2596 (2002) - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Model Series 326400 - Types 0010 To 2596 (2007) - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Model Series 303400 - Types 0021 To 1454 - Info .pdf

Robin Engine Manuals

Note: Robin engines was originally sold to Wisconsin-Robin and then to
Subaru-Robin. Subaru Power Products, (Subaru-Robin) in 2016
was purchased by Yamaha Motor Corp. USA. Effective Sept.
10th, 2018, Industrial Power Products of America, DBA
as Subaru Power Products, will be responsible for
supplying replacement parts. More Info

    The 8.5 HP Model EH25-2 is used on the Pro 8 walk-behind.
    The 13.5 HP Model EH41 is used on the Pro 14 walk-behind & Pro 14G rider.
    The 20.5 HP Model EH64 is used on the Pro 20G rider.

  Owners Manual: Mods EH12-2D/12-2B, EH17-2D/17-2B, EH25-2D/25-2B - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Models EH36D/36B & EH41D/41B - Info .pdf

  Owners Manual: Models EH63D, EH64D & EH65D - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: EY21 Robin To Wisconsin Engines Cross Reference Etc - Info .pdf

  Service Manual Models EH12-2, EH17-2 & EH25-2 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Models EH36 & EH41 - Info .pdf

  Service Manual: Models EH63, 64, 65 & EH72 - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Model EH25-2 - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Models EH41 & EH36 - Info .pdf

  Parts Manual: Models EH63, EH64, EH65 & EH72 - Info .pdf

Superb Performance Tractor Engines

Gravely 810 First Start Old Kohler K241 Engine

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