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Terms of Service Agreement

ááááWe have a very few simple rules we ask everyone to abide by.
  • No Pornography:
    We can not allow pornography. Everyone seems to have their own ideas about what pornography is. But one thing is for sure, members who store picture of explicite sex acts will have their accounts deleted without notice. The definition of pornography will be left soley to the discretion of Domania Internet Services. If you have something that you feel we might consider pornographic.. you will need to clear it with us first. We are not going to ban all forms of nudity.. but we don't want to be associated with pornography. So if you have something that you think we may not approve of, clear it with us first.

  • No Copyright Material:
    You won't be allowed to keep copies of other people's copyrighted material. It's just not right and it could get us all in trouble so don't do it. If someone has an infringement claim against you... you will be asked to remove the copyrighted item until the issue is resolved.

  • No Harrassment:
    Members who are found to be using their Domania account to harrass any other human being may be subject to immediate cancelation. Just be nice.

  • Paying on time:
    Members who can't get their payment in on time may be subject to cancelation at any time. Members who are behind will be given a reminder and 10 days to remit payment, after that ten days your account may be deleted.

  • No Abuse of the Programs or Security:
    Anyone caught trying to circumvent password security will have their account deleted without further notice.
    Some people through a simple lack of knowledge may misuse the programs but some do it just to be malicious. There are instructions on how to use the programs. Many transactions are logged and anyone who is found to be abusing the programs will be contacted and informed of the proper way to use the programs. Members who fail to comply may be subject to immediate cancelation.

  • Amendments and additions:
    Domania Internet Services reserves the right to amend these terms of service at anytime and we recommend that all members check this page occasionally for additional terms. We will make every effort to be fair at all times but as things change we may have to change up the Terms of Service Agreement. Any changes to the TOS will be announced at the Members Forum well in advance of their implementation.

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