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WebTV Hosting-PC Compatible
WebTV hosting, PC Compatible, Domania Internet Services

WebTV Hosting, PC Compatible

    Domania Internet Services offers web space for all needs. We were the first WebTV friendly host and we continue to be 100% compatible with not only WebTV, but msnTV2, PC, Mac, and Linux computers.

Our Directory Accounts allow members to publish web pages and/or store image and sound files for remote linking to auctions, e-mail, other home page sites etc, and we place NO ad banners on members pages - not even on "file not found" pages.

If you have friends who have recommended us to you, you are well aware of the advantages of being a member, you can Build A Web Site, but if you need to know more about our services... read on.

No Linking Restrictions:
Many homepagers are now restricting the ways in which their members may use their own files. Domania places no such linking restrictions on its members. As a member you may link to your own files any way you wish.

No Annoying Ad Banners:
Most other homepagers are now forcing their members to display annoying "pop up" ad banners on their pages. We don't put ad banners on your pages, however you can use an advertising banner if you want to.
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No Access Restrictions:
Some sites restrict access to their users' files. Domania places no such restrictions on its members. Your cousin in Ypsilanti can see your site on his desktop PC, your granddaughter in Boise can see it on her laptop, and you can back up your site to CD using the company computer during your lunch hour.

Account Features
  • On-line File Manager:
    We have an excellent on line file manager which will allow you to create, copy, move, rename, edit and delete pages as well as create, delete, and rename subdirectories. There are also multiple file functions which will enable you to zip and unzip, copy, move, or delete groups of files at once. You can also create password protected, or "access denied" subdirectories.
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  • Online Audio File Converter:Wav to Mp3:
    This is a first folks. This utility will convert WAVs to MP3s! You won't find an online audio converter like this ANYPLACE ELSE online, until now you needed a PC to do this.

  • File Mover:
    With the File Mover you can copy just about any file on the internet and have it uploaded directly into your account without the use of any FTP transloader. The File Mover is not only much faster and easier than any transloader, and it avoids the security problems associated with FTP.
    Build A Web Site

  • Directory Mover:
    With the Directory Mover you can upload many files at once. Uploading with the Directory Mover is even faster than using a PC in most cases. If you have an "index of" page, you can submit that page at the Directory Mover and it will allow you to copy any or all of the files on that page at once. (If you have many large files, we ask that you just upload about 20 in a batch.)

  • PC Browser Upload Utility:
    We also have a program which will enable you to easily browse and upload files from your PC, six files at a time.
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  • MsnTv Vidcap Uploader:
    You can upload vidcaps straight from your webtv unit to your account.

  • Image Majik Editor:
    Crop, resize, compress jpegs, convert file type flip and rotate images, all without leaving your account manager.
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  • Zip Utility:
    Zip or unzip files to save space and bandwidth within your File Manager.

  • PDF Converter:
    Convert Adobe PDF files with the click of a button and extract them into your account's File Manager.
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  • Email Attachment Extractor:
    This tool strips attachments from email so they can go into your account.

  • File Mailer:
    This tool allows you to easily mail graphic or sound files - not just a link but the file itself - with an accompanying message.
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  • 2 Different Password Utilities:
    You can set a password on individual subdirectories and naturally you can also change your account password easily.

  • RFI Random File Support:
    Random HTML, Image, or Music files, as easily as listing their URLs in an RFI file..
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  • SHO Slide Show Support:
    Produce a slide show as easily as listing URLs in a SHO file.

  • Members' Forum:
    We have a members forum where members can ask questions or just go to browse past topics. Lots of information can be found regarding all aspects of page design as well as questions about Domania's services and features.
    Build A Web Site

  • More to come:
    We will be adding what features and improvements we can in the future.
Account Pricing
  • Disk space:
    Our basic package is 100 megabytes. 100 megs is enough for 100,000 10K files. or 1000 100K files.

    100 mb $35.00 per year, $19.00 semi annually, $10.00 quarterly.
    250 mb $75.00 per year, $39.00 semi annually, $20.00 quarterly.
    1000 mb $100.00 per year, $55.00 semi annually, $30.00 quarterly.
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Payment Options

  • Pay using PayPal:
    We have a convenient PayPal Invoicer if you prefer to pay by PayPal. We've had few difficulties with PayPal, and they have all been resolved quickly and easily, but if you have any qualms about using them, please feel free to phone in your credit card payment to us. If you phone in your payment, it goes through our bank, not through PayPal.


  • Pay by Check or Money Order:
    We will of course accept payment by check or money order. Once your account is set up, just send check or money order to:

    ZBox Hosting
    PO Box 7625
    Wilmington, DE 19803

If you have questions feel free to E-MAIL US.
Be as specific as possible and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!:
"satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" - if you are not happy with your account during the first 30 days and wish to cancel, we will refund your money.

Copyright © 1999-2009 Craig's Domania Internet Services  All rights reserved.

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