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I have read that Minneapolis-Moline did not have
custom paint codes for their tractors. Below
are listed M-M "Paint Numbers" from
specific suppliers that you can
research the correct paint.

Old M-M Paint Numbers


1. M-M Implement Red Part # JT9060 (Original Color)
2. Martin-Senour Synthol Cherry Red # 90G540
3. Martin-Senour Acrylic Enamel Cherry Red # 99G540


1. M-M # 15P1015 - Yellow Gloss Enamel (Original Color)
2. White Farm Equip. - Enamel - M-M Industrial Yellow #20-7002235
3. Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel Federal Yellow # MSE 036A (M-M Industrial Yellow)
4. Dupont Centrai-Penske Yellow - Penske Leasing Co. # K9590AK (M-M Industrial Yellow)
5. Sherwin-Williams Industrial Yellow # JK 9056


1. Dupont-Deluxe Enamel #006DH Gold (Early - Original Color, used approximately 2 years).
2. P.P.G. - Acrylic Enamel # DAR 60098X (Early Gold)
3. P.P.G. - Acrylic Enamel # DAR 60039 (Prairie Gold #2)
4. Dupont-Dulux - Enamel # 020DH Orange (Late Prairie Gold)
5. AG-One-WFE Prairie Gold Enamel (old # 209002234, new #79014808)
6. AG-One-White-New Idea M-M Prairie Gold (spray can)(old # 20-7002250, new #79014834)
7. Martin-Senour Prairie Gold - Synthol Enamel # 90T3749
8. Martin-Senour Prairie Gold - Acrylic # 99L3749
9. Central Tractor Farm & Family - M-M Gold Enamel # 9432-060


1. M-M Dyna Brown Enamel # 15P919 (10R1346) Original Color
2. M-M Metallic Brown - Enamel # 15P814 (Original Color)
3. P.P.G. - Acrylic Lacquer # D D L 230049 (Dyna Brown)
4. Sherwin Williams - Dyna Brown # 33-31322-G
6. Dupont Acrylic Enamel # C8194AH (Metallic Brown)


1. M-M # JT 9057 Twin City Gray (Original Color)
2. Rust-Oleum Waukesha Gray # 724
3. P.P.G. Acrylic Enamel (T-C Gray) # DAR 31953

NEW Minneapolis Moline
Paint Configurations
Numbered Series
Info .pdf

NEW Minneapolis Moline
Paint Configurations
Lettered Series
Info .pdf

By Tony Turner (2007)

"We all know that no one can produce a perfect paint chart because there
where so many exceptions. This paint chart is the best "general con-
sensus" that any group of people could ever come up with, 40
years after the fact.

If you would like to order paint that is mixed to meet the spec's of the above
paint charts please follow the link below. The gentleman that owns this
site is the person that worked with the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors,
Inc. paint committee to custom build formulas for the old paints."
Washington, KS.

Note: Minneapolis-Moline info is limited, if anyone
has more accurate info that can be added
above, please send me a email at
Thank's, George

Our Research Source
Bret Green's M-M U Series, Old Tractor Pull'n WebPage (1998)
Tony Turner's Unofficial M-Moline, Old Informative Website (2004)
Jeremy Fiorelli's Twin City & M-M., Old Tractor Pull'n WebPage (2001)
TTG The Tractor Guys, Research Division, Western, Connecticut, USA

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