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Is It History Or Is It A Mistory
Minneapolis-Moline Diesel
UTSD-M Turkey Tractor?

This is one of the areas of M-M history that has been
poorly documented. Many unique things were
done with tractors and machinery for the
"export" market.

If you try to look up the Serial Number for a M-M UTSD-M
tractor on M-M's published serial number Or production
lists, You Will Not Find It. I have No Idea why this is the
case, but we did find a separate chart listing them.

Minneapolis Moline Model UTSD-M
The Serial Number is located on the right side of the gear case.
YearSerial Numbers Begin
( Source: )

Much controversy has arisen about the history
of the M-M UTSD-M (Turkey) tractor. Below
are quotes that I have read about it in
several M-M Forums.

  "Overseas a Minneapolis-Moline Factory was established in the 1950's and named, Minneapolis-Moline Turk Tractor Factory AS. The factory was located in Ankara, Turkey and began producing the M-M Model UTSD at first, then sometime afterword they changed the production to the Model M-M 445 (with D-206-4 Engine) until the 1960s."

  "When the Turkish agreement was made M-M scrounged up discontinued parts to fulfill the agreement. So probably platforms were made to fit. Not sure if the tractors to be shipped to Turkey were stripped down versions or complete. The tractors that made it to Turkey were repowered and redisigned so not sure how many and in what state they were shipped."

  "In 1956 the UTSD Special appeared with production of only 300. The Specials had different hoods with removable side panels flat grill and different front bolster. The Special was made to allow for power steering. Some people have said that the Specials did not have any of these options."

  "All diesels used the 283 ci motor. The Specials had disc brakes and different platforms. The previous UTSD had the same tin and drum brakes like the standard gas UTS. The later U diesels had large wheatland fenders. Another variation of the diesels were the UTSD-M (military) approximately 1700 diesels were made for the military or for export from 1954-1958."

  "UTSD-M uses the Robert Bosch inline pump. It has different drive gears and 17 different components to run pump. Last ones sold a few years ago went for $2800 and $2000 (2013) at auction. Unknown how many actually went to Turkey. I once emailed a fellow in Turkey and he said he didn't know of any that were ever shipped to Turkey. Turkey had parts shipped from M-M and they made their own U diesels. When the Turkey deal fell through most UTSD-M's were shipped to Canada and sold off as regular diesels."

  "Some have said that M-M records indicated UDS tractors (not UTSD), were U.S. built for export to Turkey, Greece, Spain, and a few other countries, possibly South America."

  *"Models with 108 prefix in Serial Numbers were UTSD-M Models meant to be exported to Turkey to fulfill an agreement. Some were shipped to Turkey but the agreement fell through and the remaining diesels were shipped to Canada and the Dacotas. There was a total of "558 with 108 Serial Numbers." Oddly they used the older components and none of the upgrades of the Specials. They also used the Robert Bosch inline pump not the standard American Bosch injection pump."

Note: Minneapolis-Moline info is limited, if anyone
has more accurate info that can be added
above, please send me a email at
Thank's, George

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TTG The Tractor Guys, Research Division, Western, Connecticut, USA

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