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Paint Codes
(Codes Source Origin Year, 2011)

Flambeau Red

    NAPA: 99-3727-L
    Martin Senour: 99-3727-L
    Crossfire: 53A 3727
    Dupont: 016DH
    PPG/Ditzler: 70137 or 71282
    Sherwin Williams: 31878 or 4035
    TISCO: TP140

Desert Sand/Sunset

    Martin Senour: 99-3726-L
    DuPont: 75194 D
    PPG/Ditzler: 81357
    Sherwin Williams: 3605 or 71599
    Tisco: TP580

Power Red

    Dupont: G8156
    Martin Senour: 99 - 4764-L
    Sherwin Williams: 31874 or 6678
    TISCO: TP890

Power White

    Martin Senour: 99 - 8686-L
    Sherwin Williams: 16090 or 9418

A quote to consider from Hydriv . . . (Tom Arnold)
"Why not do what I do when I want to make sure I have the right codes? Look up PPG, or what ever producer you choose, on the internet and then telephone them. Either their Customer Service rep will help you or defer you to their Technical/Engineering department, to confirm the paint code.

That way, you get the information from the source, Hydriv. (2011)"

PPG: 1.800.441.9695 ~ Dupont: 1.800.441.7515
Sherwin Williams: 1.800.474.3794 ~ Martin Senour: 1.800.526.6704

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