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Photo of Bolens 1886 Garden Tractor

This is the exact color mix for the original
1971 Bolens 1886 off white paint.

NOTE: I have been informed from persons that have used these
paint codes that they are not 'Exactly' correct. The Home
Depot paint guy did tweak them and made the code
corrections. I will research this problem and
try to contact someone that used the
correct paint codes and then
update the code list

Home Depot will mix custom Rust-Oleum colors.
Start: 1 gallon of Rust-Oleum (#7509B) gloss white tintable base.

Have the Home Depot guy add the following:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
B_______LAMP BLACK______1________50_______0
C_______YELLOW OXID_____3________11_______0
L_______RAW UMBER______0_________4_______0
R_______EXTERIOR RE_____0_________7_______0

Thin: 1 part Acetone, 3 parts Paint and spray.

( Source 2014: - Thread 02-05-2006 - 01:25 am )

Below is a recent video from Tyler at Southbury Tractor Pullers
who used the correct paint codes and did a beautiful job on a
complete restoration to his Bolens 1886 garden tractor.

Great Job Tyler !

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