(something my dad instilled in me & my favorite)

GOD grant me the
to accept the
things I cannot
change, the
courage to change
the things I can;
and the wisdom
to know the


In deepest sleep one night I dreamed
That on the beach I walked.
God was by my side each step
and quietly we talked.
Then on the sky my life was flashed:
the visions all serene.
Two sets of footprints in the sand
were there in every scene.
But then I noticed in some scenes
of suffering, pain, and strife...
Just a single set of footprints
at the worst times of my life.
God...you said you'd stay by me
in good times and in bad...
Why then did you leave me
each time my life was sad?
"MY PRECIOUS CHILD," God answered,


During our nights when storms abound
we often feel alone and afraid,
the shadows are dark and fear
makes no sound our faith in Him is made.

We often wonder just how far
JESUS is from our earthly pain,
is He that bright and morning star
or the softness in a gentle rain?

We should never doubt His love and care
He said He would never leave us,
He might for us, His angels share
to bring us comfort and trust.

Give us the victory and build us up
as over the enemy we trod,
help us LORD to fill our cup
with the help of Angels from GOD!

Willard F. Rhodes Jr.


As I gaze across the crowd
and see their many tears,
their thoughts do come as though aloud
and voice their many fears.

I have given my all and now am done
my race is at it's end,
my path so true and faithfully run
to GOD my spirit I send.

Help them know that when I'm dead
the nights will close in fast,
but let them not fear what lies ahead
when my GLORY apears at last.

My mother stands before me crying
her hopes are all but lost,
as she gazes, her son is dying
she hears, 'IT IS FINISHED!, from the cross.

Willard F. Rhodes Jr.


Persons are gifts.....which the
Father sends to me wrapped. Some are
wrapped very beautifully; they are
very attractive when I first see them.
Some come in very ordinary wrapping paper.
Others have been mishandled in the mail.
Once in a while there is a Special Delivery.

Some persons are a gift which comes
very loosely wrapped; others very tightly.
But the wrapping is not the gift!
It is so easy to make this mistake!

Sometimes the gift
is easy to open up. Sometimes I need others to help.
Is it because they are afraid? Does it hurt?
Maybe they have been opened up before and thrown away.

I am a person. Therefore I am a gift too!
A gift to myself first of all. The Father gave
myself to me. Have I ever really looked inside
the wrapping? Am I afraid to? Perhaps I have never
accepted the gift that I am....Could it be tat there
is something else inside the wrappings than what
I think there is? Maybe I've never
seen the wonderful gift that I am.
Could the Father's gift be anything
but beautiful? I love the gifts which those who
love me give me: why not this gift from the Father?

Am I a gift to other persons?

Lord: Grant that I may be a "giver"
and a "receiver" of your
most precious of gifts: Persons---Myself and Others.

G.P. Nintemann