'It is not so much our friends
help that helps us as the
confident knowledge that
they will help us'

'Life without a friend is
like death without a witness'
Spanish Proverb

'The best way to keep your
friends is not to
give them away'

'The happiest moments my
heart knows are those in
which it is pouring fourth
its affections to a few
esteemed characters'
T. Jefferson

'One can never speak enough
of the virtues, the dangers,
the power of laughter'

'Friendship is always a
sweet responsibility,
never an opportunity'

'There is no hope in joy
except in human relations

'The making of friends,
who are real friends,
is the best token we have
of a mans success in life'

'The proper office of a
friend is to side with you
when you are in the wrong.
Nearly anybody will side
with you when you are
in the right'

'Except in cases of necessity,
which are rare, leave your
friend to learn unpleasant
things from his enemies; they
are ready enough to tell them'

'Little do men perceive what
solitude is, and how far it
extendeth. For a crowd is
not company, and faces are
but a gallery of pictures,
and talk but a tinkling
cymbal, where there is
no love'

'The most I can do for my
friend is simply to be his
friend. I have no wealth to
bestow on him. If he knows
that I am happy in loving
him, he will want no other
reward. Is not friendship
divine in this?

'Friendship that flows from
the heart cannot be frozen
by adversity, as the water
that flows from the spring
cannot congeal in winter'