Neighbors Gardening Together Contract
Highland Gardens Community Garden
Rules, Terms and Conditions for Participation


Welcome to the Highland Gardens Community Garden. The City of Hollywood has partnered with this association to plant a community garden on the property located at Adams St. and 24th Ave. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to grow your own vegetables and maintain a garden. Not only is this an economical move, but a healthy one. Just growing your own vegetables, you are saving money. And, you will have a great feeling of accomplishment.

The Highland Gardens Manager is Maria Ratliff for the Neighbors Gardening Together Community Garden. The Garden Treasurer is Shirley Stealey. Either one can give information about the garden.

All good things must have some rules to run smoothly. Following are the City rules as well as the policies for the Garden. We have the liberty to adjust them as we see fit, so if anyone has any problems, please call the manager or the coordinator for help.

Happy Gardening!

Rules, Terms and Conditions for Participation If accepted as a Gardener, I will abide by the following rules, terms, and conditions:

1. I will use this Garden at the sole discretion of Neighbors Gardening Together Community Garden. I agree to abide by its policies and practices.
2. The fee for the use of the Garden is $2.00 per year commencing on the effective date of the Contract. There are no refunds.
3. Once a plot has been assigned, the goal will be to cultivate and plant it within two weeks. My plot should not be left fallow or unused for any period of three weeks or longer, more than one time a year. If, for any reason, this should occur, I will notify the Garden Manager or the Garden Coordinator to make arrangements.
4. The plots are of varying sizes. Once I have my plot, I will not allow it to expand outside of the agreed area. I will keep all my plants within the limits of my Garden plot, and will not allow them to grow more than six feet high. I must keep my plot free of weeds, pests, and diseases.
5. I will keep my plot, path, and surrounding areas clean and neat. I will separate my trash into three groups as follows:
1.) dead plants, leaves, and other green waste plant parts
2.) rocks, stones, and asphalt; and
3.) paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, metal, etc.
I will put trash only in the areas designated specifically for each. Anything I bring from home I will take back home. I will not bring household trash and leave it at the Garden.
6. I will not plant any illegal plant. I will not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs or gamble in the Garden. I will not come to the Garden while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. I will not bring weapons or pets or other animals to the Garden.
7. Guests and Visitors.....Gardeners may invite guests to observe our Garden with the understanding that visitors will not be left to wander. Gardeners will be responsible for the behavior of their guests. Children visiting must stay with their parents or Gardener.
8. It will be the duty of all gardeners to see that the Garden is maintained at all times. So, when visiting the Garden, if I see trash laying around, I will pick it up.
9. I will attend Garden meetings, if possible, as requested by the Garden Manager. If workshops are offered, I will try my best to attend as many as possible. Workshops may consist of the following: soil preparation and maintenance, watering the vegetable garden, and pest and disease control.
10. I will not apply any pesticides in the Garden without the approval of the Garden Manager.
11. I will not take food or plants from other Garden plots without permission. It is permissible to share.
12. I will respect other gardeners, and will not use abusive or profane language or discriminate against others.
13. I will work to keep the Garden a happy, secure, and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.
14. I understand the City of Hollywood reserves the right to close the grounds for maintenance, or any other purpose. I also understand that eventually the City will be building affordable housing in this area, and until that time is allowing us to use the property for the Community Garden. Gardeners will be given adequate notice and time to harvest any crops when that time comes.


I have read and understand the Application and accept the Rules, Terms, and Conditions stated above for the participation in the Neighbors Gardening Together Community Garden.

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