The Highland Gardens Civic Association, Inc.
"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

History of Highland Gardens Civic Association

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The Beginning.....

Our organization began with a small group of eight people as follows: Patricia "Pat" Lay, Mary Towey, Shirley Stealey, Angela Mahadeo, Dominique Mayorga, Chris Lundy, Derek Lewis, and last but certainly not least, Jack Meharian.

Our first meeting was held on January 25, 2007, at a little club house owned by a condominium in the neighborhood. We discussed dues, membership requirements, goals, and by-laws. We then elected a board which consisted of a president, Derek Lewis, a Vice-president, Chris Lundy, a secretary, Shirley Stealey, and a treasurer, Angela Mahadeo. We collected dues and our treasurer wrote a personal check for the registration to the state. (She would be reimbursed as soon as our bank account became active.) The next day our secretary copied the forms from the internet, filled them out, and off they went to Tallahassee. Within a short time, we received our certificates from the state and we were up and running.

Our second meeting on February 14, 2007, took place in the same little club house. Discussions again were on our goals and forming committees to accomplish them. We also established the time (7:00 p.m.) and place (McNicol Community Center) and frequency (every second Wednesday) of our meetings. It was decided our first public meeting would be held on March 14, 2007. A public annoucement of the new organization was made at the February 21st commission meeting and the board was introduced. Copies of the cerificates from the state were passed to the commissioners and other officials to show that we were indeed a legal association.

It was also decided at this time that Jack Meharian would be our Sgt. at arms.

Our third meeting, held on March 7, 2007, was for planning an agenda. We discussed the order of introducing our board and any city officials and employees that might attend. We also decided on who would bring what refreshments.

We are now ready for our first meeting.