Highland Gardens Civic Association, Inc.
"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

By-laws of the Highland Civic Association, Inc. are as follows:

Article One ... Name

Section 1: The name of this association shall be called the Highland Gardens Civic Association, Inc.

Article Two ... Purpose

Section 1: The purpose of this organization will be to work together with our neighbors to beautify and make safe this neighborhood.
Section 2: To establish any educational programs that will be beneficial to this program and purpose.
Section 3: To encourage unity and goodwill among the residents.
Section 4: To develop a plan of action to help residents in case of an emergency.
Section 5: To promote and protect the best interests of non-resident property owners, renters, homeowners, business owners of businesses or commercial properties all located within the bounds of the Highland Gardens Civic Association, Inc.
Section 6: To cooperate with city, county, and state officials.
Section 7: This is a non-profit organization. It will not issue shares of stock, nor pay dividends. No part of any moneys shall be paid to any member or officer except for possible reimbursement for authorized purchases.

Article Three ... Boundaries

Section 1: The boundaries shall be as follows: From Hollywood Boulevard south to Pembroke Rd., From Dixie Highway west to I-95.

Article Four ... Membership

Section 1: Regular: Refers to those residents (homeowners) who live within the boundaries stated. Must be 18 years of age and of good moral character. New regular members must be a member in good standing (dues paid) and active for one year (meaning: attending 4 out of 6 association meetings) before running for any board position.
Section 1 amended: Regular refers to those residents (homeowners) who live within the boundaries and other property owners (meaning residential) having property within the boundaries that have a vested interest in the neighborhood.
Section 2: Associate: Persons living within the boundaries stated other than homeowners (renters). Associate members may become regular members after a (2) year period of associate membership and continue as regular members as long as membership dues are kept current and they remain active (attending 4 out of 6 meetings). Associate members may not vote or run for for any position on the board until becoming a regular member.
Section 2 amended: Associate members (renters) may become regular members after one (1) year instead of two.
Section 3: Boosters: Booster members are non-resident, non-voting and non-executive board holding adult members. A person can become a booster by applying for membership and paying the required dues.
Section 3 has been eliminated.
Section 4: Honorary: May be conferred by the Board upon individuals of the community whom the board and membership wish to honor for exceptional or outstanding services. Honorary members pay no dues and is a lifetime member.
Section 5: Business: Persons owning a business or commercial property within the boundaries stated may become (business) members by paying business membership dues of $20.00, but cannot vote, run for office, or become regular members.

Sections 1 and 2 amended to read: 4 out of 6 meetings or activities.

Article Five ... Membership Dues

Section 1: To become a member, you must meet the qualifications and pay $12.00 for the year. You may renew your membership in the month in which you joined.
Section 1 amended: When joining, dues will be prorated for the current year. Renewals will be due in January.

Article Six ... Membership Voting

Section 1: Regular members shall be entitled to vote in all elections.
Section 2: To participate in the voting process, members shall be in good standing by having dues paid up to date. Also, members should have attended at least 4 of the last 6 meetings.

Section 2 amended to read: Members should have attended at least 3 of the last 6 meetings or activities.

Article Seven ... Membership Expulsion Rule

Section 1: Any member who proves to be detrimental to the organization in any way shall be expelled by a majority vote. If said expelled person wishes to defend him/herself, this can be done at the next meeting before the vote is taken.

Article Eight ... Executive Directors

Section 1: The Board of Directors shall consist of the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt. of Arms.

Article Nine ... Duties of the Board

Section 1: President -----
The president shall:
a. conduct all meetings and sign all agreements and contracts pertaining to this association.
b. represent this organization at all pertinent and relative meetings.
c. conduct the meetings in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

Section 2: Vice President ------
a. The vice-president will, in the absence of the president, assume the duties of the president and have all the power of the president.
b. If the office of the president is vacated, the vice-president shall succeed to the office of president. The board shall then appoint a vice-president from the general membership to serve the remainder of the term.
c. The vice-president shall be the second signer on association checks.

Section 3: Secretary -----
The secretary shall:
a. keep the minutes of all meetings to be read at the next meeting.
b. handle all correspondence that pertains to the association.

Section 4: Treasurer ----
The treasurer shall:
a. be responsible for all association funds by making deposits, writing checks, and maintaining proper records.
b. give a financial report to the members at the general meeting.

Section 5: Sgt. of Arms
The Sgt. of Arms shall:
a. maintain order at all the meetings.
b. shall greet guests and members at the door.
c. shall be responsible for putting up and taking down notification of meeting signs.
Amended: Letter c to be deleted. It is the responsibility of the person in possession of a sign to place the sign out for the meeting.

Article Ten ... Executive Directors Election

Section 1: In January of each year, the board shall appoint a nominating committee made up of members not on the board. At the February meeting, the nominating committee shall present a slate of candidates who wish to run for an office. Nominations may be made from the floor at this time also. Elections shall be held at March meeting.
Section 2: The counting of the ballots will be performed by the nominating committee and one volunteer not on the committee.

Section 1 amended to read as follows: The board will serve a two year term. In January a nomination committee will be selected from the membership. In February, the nomination committee will present a slate of candidates who wish to run for an office. Nominations may be made from the floor at this time also. Elections shall be held at the March meeting.

Article Eleven ... General Meetings

Section 1: The general meetings will be held the second Wednesday each month at McNicol Community Center at 7:00 P.M.
Amended: Section 1: The general meetings will be held the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Section 2: The order of business at all the general meetings shall be as per the agenda.

Article Eleven ... General Meetings/interruptions, disruptions, etc.

Section 3: Any person(s), guests or members, who disrupts the meeting by rudeness, speaking out of order, etc., will be given one warning to abstain from such behavior. If it continues they will be asked to leave and escorted from the building.

Article Eleven ... General Meetings/voting

Section 4: All issues shall be determined by a majority vote of the membership. This will take place at the general meetings.
Section 5: If an issue should arise that would affect the whole neighborhood, then all adult residents living within the boundaries of the association would have the right to vote on that particular issue. They would not have to be members of the association.

Article Twelve ... By-laws: Amendments

Section 1: When necessary, these by-laws may be amended. Such amendments shall be prepared by the Board of Officers and approved by a majority vote of the membership.
Section 2: The proposed amendments shall be presented to the membership at the general meeting.
Section 3: A majority ballot vote of the membership present shall be required for the amendments to pass.