Highland Gardens Civic Association, Inc.
Highland Gardens Community Garden
Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

In consideration for being granted permission to participate in the above-referenced Community Garden (the "Community Garden"), I, the undersigned, hereby agree for myself and for my personal representatives, heirs and next of kin:

1. To release, waive and discharge the Highland Gardens Civic Association, Inc. and it's board, representatives, and members (hereby referred to as "the Association"), from any and all claims or demands of any kind and from all liability, penalties, costs, losses, damages, expenses, claims, or judgments (including attorney's fees) resulting from injury, death or damage to any visitor, third parties or property of any kind, which injury, death or damage arises out of or is in any way connected directly or indirectly to my participation in the Community Garden, whether caused by the Association's active or passive negligence or otherwise. I understand that this release extends to claims that I do not know or do not expect to exist at the time of the signing of this release.

2. In other words, the Association is not to be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage whatever, whether it be property, loss of life or limb. This indemnity shall include, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' experts and consultants' fees, investigation costs, and all other reasonable costs incurred by the Association.

3. The signer of this document must assume full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury or property damage incurred by the signer arising either directly or indirectly from participation in the Community Garden, from any cause whatsoever, whether caused by the Association's active or passive negligence or otherwise.

4. The Association nor any of it's board, representatives or members shall be liable for any damage to any property owned by the signer of this document, or for any bodily injury or death to such persons that may accompany the signer of this document to the Garden.

5. The signer acknowledges that the permission granted by the City for the use of this property as a garden may be revoked at any time. As such, the signer agrees to not hold the Highland Garden Civic Association, Inc. responsible for any expenditures or losses made in connection with the Garden. I, the signer, fully RELEASE, WAIVE AND DISCHARGE forever any and all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action against, and covenants not to sue the Association, board, representatives, or members in the event that the City exercises its right to revoke or terminate this permission.

The Association would not be willing to undertake such a project unless a complete waiver as stated for any, all and every kind of loss is signed by every participant.

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