Neighbors Gardening Together
Highland Gardens Community Garden
Policies and Practices for Membership

1. GARDENERS DO NOT OWN THEIR PLOTS. Gardeners will be given the opportunity to garden a parcel of Highland Gardens land. Use of the land is a privilege and if gardeners do not have the time to actively garden their plot in an acceptable manner, it may be forfeited.

2. GUESTS AND VISITORS. Gardeners may invite guests to view the garden with the understanding that they (the gardener) will be responsible for the behavior of their guests, including children. Guests should not be left to wander on their own, but given a tour by the Gardener who invited them.

3. DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM ANOTHER'S PLOT WITHOUT PERMISSION. Gardening activity and plant growth are restricted to your plot. Gardener's may help one another when necessary or asked, but do not remove anything from another's garden without permission.

4.TREES AND SHRUBS NOT PERMITTED. Planting in the community Garden shall be limited to vegetables and ornamental flower planting only. Nothing may be planted that grows higher than six (6) feet. Perennials are planted at your own risk.

5. STANDING TOWERS, FENCES AND WALLS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Fences, structures, walls, or any permanent construction or assemblage of materials that encloses a plot or intrudes on another's is not permitted. Nothing in the plot may be erected, placed, or planted higher than six (6) feet. Only one side of any garden plot can have a vertical trellis, open air structure for supporting climbing vegetables, vines or flowers. Poles, stakes, cages and other supports that are used for plants are allowed. Gardeners shall not erect anything that will interfere with access to, or create shade on, nearby or adjacent plots.

6. GARDENERS MUST MAINTAIN THEIR PLOTS IN AN ACCEPTABLE MANNER. Gardeners must actively garden their plots during the growing season, which includes digging, sowing, planting, weeding, pruning, watering, harvesting, etc. If the plot is not actively gardened, the gardener will receive a reminder notice of the rules. The gardener will then have fourteen (14) days to remedy the situation. If no response or no correction has been made, the plot will be deemed abandoned or inactive, and will be given to another on the waiting list. No refunds will be issued for the abandoned plot.

7. NO CHEMICAL PESTICIDES PERMITTED. All gardening activity must be completely 100% organic. No synthetic/chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers are permitted on the site, including treated wood products used as edges/borders, unless prior approval is obtained from the City.

8. NO FERTILIZER ALLOWED. The use of animal feces, non-vegetable matter (such as meat, fish or dairy), kitty litter, newspapers, grease or other non-organic matter is strictly prohibited.


10. GARDENERS MUST WEAR APPROPRIATE SAFETY ATTIRE WHILE GARDENING. For your own safety, shirts and closed-toed, low-heeled, rubber sole shoes are required to be worn at all times while gardening. Anything else is at your own risk.

11. CLOSELY SUPERVISE CHILDREN. Children under the age of 12 should be closely monitored so they do not wander into another Gardener's plot area. Running is not allowed in the Garden area.

12. EACH GARDENER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WEEDING HIS/HER PLOT AND THE AREA AROUND IT. Pathways between plots should be kept clear. Plants from one plot should not be allowed to "wander" into another's garden area. Gardeners will be responsible for their own tools or equipment. Since we do not have a shed or storage area at this time, it would be wise to take your equipment home and not leave it at the site.

13. DISPOSAL OF WASTE MATERIALS WHEN LEAVING THE GARDEN. Plant waste should be disposed of in the following manner: 1.) Dead plants, leaves, and green waste: Shake dirt off the roots and retain soil at the garden site. Dispose of plant waste in the compost pile located on site. 2.) Rocks, stones, and asphalt: Lay them neatly near the rock pile at the site so that they may be used as part of the community flower bed boarders. 3.) Waste such as plastic, wire, rope, etc. should be disposed of off site.

14. DISEASED OR PEST-INFECTED PLANTS SHOULD BE REMOVED. Ongoing control of pest grasses and weeds is required at all times.

15. WATER SHOULD BE TURNED OFF WHEN NOT IN USE. Before leaving the Garden, each gardener is responsible for making sure the water is turned off. When using hoses, take care not to damage other Garden plots, and when finished watering, please untangle and neatly curl up hoses.

16. KEEPING THE GARDEN CLEAN. It is the responsibility of all gardeners to make sure the Garden is kept neat and clean. When visiting your Garden, take the time to check out the whole area and pick up any trash that may have found its way into the Garden, even if it's not on your plot.


18. TERMINATION. The City reserves the right to close the Garden grounds for maintenance, or any other reason. The City has given the Community Garden permission to use this land until such time building will begin. At that time, the Garden agreements will be terminated, but gardeners will be given enough time to harvest any crops that are ready.

I attest that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age, and that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above outlined Policies and Procedures for Membership to the Highland Gardens Community Garden. I further understand that failure to follow the Policies and Procedures for Membership to the Highland Gardens Community Garden may result in my Garden privileges being revoked and/or my Garden plot being re-assigned.

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