Here is the explanation for the hug everyone got as they entered the room.

I made up little bags that contained all the items you see on the card except for the hug, of course. So when I passed out the kits, I told them, you got your hugs, the kiss is in the bag. I think everyone enjoyed my little gift.

I had a number of bags left over so I shared them with my daughter who was going to pass them out at work. She did a little rearranging because she wasn't able to give everyone a hug. She wrote the following poem, added a star to wish upon and a candle to light their way, and called it A Little Bag of Encouragement. Here is a copy of her card.

If you would like, you are very welcome to use this to make up your own little bags of encouragement to share.

Well, that's it folks. We hope you all a Happy Holiday season and a Blessed Happy New year to come from the Highland Gardens Civic Association.

Blast From the Past