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51 Minneapolis-Moline UTU 4 Cylinder Gas

Minneapolis-Moline pioneered the concept of the closed
cab farm tractor in 1938. The "U" models were
part of one of Minneapolis-Moline's
most popular tractor series.

The tractor was equipped with automotive features such
as an electric starter and a dashboard with a
speedometer, plus several firsts in a
tractor, including a heater,
cigarette lighter, wind-
shield wipers, and
a radio.

Minneapolis-Moline made the following
contributions to the agricultural
equipment industry.
* First fully equipped factory installed cabs (UDLX)
* First manufacturer to offer LP gas as a fuel option
    * First tractors to use the shift on the go transmission
      * First manufacturer to offer power front axle tractors
       * First manufacturer to offer 100 HP row crop tractors
       * First manufacturer to offer articulated FWD tractors

In 1963 Minneapolis-Moline became a wholly owned sub-
sidiary of White Motor Corporation who had al-
ready acquired Oliver and Cockshutt.

The Cockshutt and Minneapolis-Moline lines were blend-
ed into that of Oliver until there was virtually
no difference between them. AGCO
purchased White in 1991.

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