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1935 IH Front End
1935 International Harvester C-30

HD Green Diamond Engines Models
produced from 1934 to 1949

HD/GRD 175 (174.9 Cubic Inches - 2,867 cc)
HD-3/GRD 214 (213.3 Cubic Inches - 3,495 cc)
HD-2/GRD 233 (233.9 Cubic Inches - 3.8 litres)

Tune-Up Parts for GRD (Green Diamond) Engines

  Using the IH MT-52D Parts Manual Group
  6/0603, 0604, 0604B
  PN's were then all crossed and matched.
  For Reference Only . . .

  95275HA IH
  1110095 Delco
  * Superseded By: 1112361 Delco

  136986H IH
  824735 Delco
  DR-413 SMP
  RR-95 Echlin

  136990H IH
  820445 Delco
  DR-158 SMP
  RR-83 Echlin

  1900272 Delco
  DR-50 SMP (HD)
  RR-174 Echlin
  RR-1750 Echlin (HD)

  136995H IH
  1848038 Delco
  1855720 Delco
  DR-2227P SMP
  CS-763A Echlin (HD)
  CS-763P Echlin (Pierced)

    COIL (6 Volt)
  1115327 Delco
  1115103 Delco
  UC-14X SMP
  IC-7 Echlin

  GRD-175,214,214A 14mm*thread
  295 Autolite
  J-8 Champion <non resistor>
  R45 AC
  306 Autolite
  RJ-8 Champion <resistor>

  GRD-233,233A 14mm*
  R43 AC
  303 Autolite
  RJ-6 Champion <resistor>

  GRD-175,214,214A 18mm*thread
  C87 AC
  386 Autolite
  C87 AC = 516 Champion
  386 Autolite = 541 Champion

  GRD-233,233A 18mm*
  C87 AC
  386 Autolite

  14mm for Engine Serial Number;
  GRD-175-1760 Above
  GRD-214-65429 Above
  GRD-214A-4378 Above
  GRD-233-63954 Above
  GRD-233A-2029 Above

  18mm for Engine Serial Number;
  Below GRD-175-1760
  Below GRD-214-65429
  Below GRD-214A-4378
  Below GRD-233-63954
  Below GRD-233A-2029

  96620 Autolite
  The only pre-made set found for IH 6 cylinder engines (BG241)

  Pertronix Ignitor for 1112361 Distributor assembly
  Ignitor 6 Volt Negative Ground 1168LSN6
  Ignitor 12 Volt Negative Ground 1168LS
  Ignitor 6 Volt Positive Ground 1168LSP6
  Ignitor 12 Volt Positive Ground 1168LSP12

  1112361 Distributor uses same tune-up parts as 1110095
  Distributor which would indicate the above will work in both.


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