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Lynn Pichla 1953-2006

If you checked out tomorrow,
and left us all behind,
what type of memories,
do you think we'd find?

Did you leave a piece of yourself,
in all you touched and knew?
Did you always bring a smile,
and cheer those around you?

Did you embrace people,
with a passion and a joy?
Did you love life and live,
as if the world were your toy?

Did you seek to become,
all that you could?
Did you do the things,
that you said you would?

Did people respect you?
Were you kind and sincere?
Did you make people feel better,
whenever you were near?

Did you speak your mind,
and follow your heart?
Did you make love known,
right from the start?

Were you true to yourself,
and to what you believed?
Did you love all people,
even those who deceived?

Did you offer a hand?
Did you offer your ear?
Were you always available,
to calm someones fear?

Did you make an impact,
in peoples lives and hearts?
Did you give your best?
Did you give the best part?

Did you bring hope to those,
who were sad and afraid?
Did you bring smiles and sunshine,
to those in the shade?

Did you share your dreams,
with those who really did care?
Were you open and honest?
and were you aware?

BY: Ed Kassirer
February 17, 2001

It is obvious by the links below that Lynn did all of these things. She was a fantastic lady. Always ready and willing to help others with their websites. Our site wouldn't be where it is at today if it were not for Lynn. I was assure this morning by Paul from Domania that it is Domania's policy to continue to host the pages for their webmasters who have passed on. It is good to know that we don't have to worry about all of Lynn's hard work being lost.

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Lynn may have gone home, but she is definately not forgotten here on earth.
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