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Background song is "The Betrayal"

Betrayal In The Dark

Alone in the darkness,
And so afraid -
Never knowing
The plans you've made;

Often you betray
My loving mother,
When my body,
Yours does smother.

Afraid to tell her
You've threatened me -
Life without Mama,
I'm afraid will be.

How much longer
Will this go on?
With that evil grin,
You call me Hon.

Mom seems happy
That you're our dad;
But what you do
Makes me so mad.

When I'm older
I'll make you pay
For those crimes
You commit today.

By: Pauline Hamblin

If you struggle with a sexaul addiction
or with reprecutions from being sexually abused.
Please view the site below for helpful information.
Where Does the Second Glance Go?

What you need to know to protect your child
and offline.

GOD Bless
Sonya and Lourie

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