Grieve not,
     nor speak of
me with tears,
but laugh and
talk of me
      as if I were
beside you
I loved you so
     'twas Heaven
here with you.

Bernie was born
right here in
our home on Oct. 27,1989
and he
died here yesterday, July 28,2004.
He was a
very gentle cat
and loving but
he was a loner.

Loved being outside.
He would only stay
inside when winter came.
He didn't even
seem to mind my
grandchildren playing dressup with him.
Never got a picture
of that tho.

His favorite person
was my husband
who passed
away 6 years ago.
Now he has
      joined him and
Gretchen and Jake and Snickers.

Goodbye, Bernie,

I love you and miss you.

Below is a poem for Bernie


I'm getting on
in years,
tho my coat is
still black.
My eyes are
still bright,
and my hearing's okay.

I spend my
whole day dreaming,
of conquests in my past,
Lying near
a sunny field,
waiting for it's
warm repast.

I remember the first
time I saw you,
I was born in
this house,
Hoping you would
keep me and
let me live with you.
Then you grew
to love me,
and I admit the same.

I have shared with
you your laughter,
you have wet my
fur with tears.
We've come to
know each other,
throughout these
many years.
Just one more
hug this morning ,
before you drive away,
And know I'll think
about you,
throughout your busy day.
The time we've
left together,
is a treasured
time at that,
My heart is yours forever,
I promise
...This Old Cat~Bernie