Dear Mom
I Know it*s
not your birthday
or anniversary,

Or even Mother*s Day
It*s just an
ordinary day,I don*t need
any money and
I don*t have
a problem to solve

I Just Wanted To Send
You This Gift Of Love

The Medal Of Honor

To Mother With Love

Wear This Gold
"Medal of Honor"
With It*s Diamond
Pure And True

And Let The
Heart Shaped Petals
Speak Of Your Son*s
Devotion To You

Far From Home Your
Son Thinks Of You

But Since Tender
Words Do Not
Come Easily
To A Young Man

He Has Chosen
This Gold And Diamond
Pendant To Speak
For Him

It Was Designed
By A Serviceman ,
Who Like Your
Son Found This
Way To Say...

"Mother,I Love You!"
I Hope It
Will Bring You
Years Of
Happiness And Love...

To The World*s Most Wonderful Mom

Love~David J. Aveline

The Symbols

The Chain is
Connected to a
Double Stem referred
to as the"Stem of Life".

One Stem Repesents
the Physical Connection
The Umbilical Cord.
The Other Stem
Represents The Spiritual Connection
Between Mother and Child
That Last A Lifetime

The Diamond is
The Purest of
All Minerals;
Furthermore,The Diamond
is The Hardest
Substance in
The Known Universe.
Therefore, The Diamond
Was Chosen For
The Centerpiece Not
Only To Represent
The Balance That
Mothers Bring
to The Family,
But Also As An
International Symbol of Strength,
Purity And Admiration.

Six Hearts Represent
The Six Letters
in The Word
All of The
Hearts Point Toward
The Diamond And
Form A Star
Around The Diamond.
Just As The Stars
Have Guided The
Travelers For Centuries,
So Have Mothers
Guided Their Children..

The Many Lines
That Radiate From
The Center Are
Referred To As
"Rays Of Sacriface"
And Symbolize
The 365 Days
Per Year That
Mothers Make Sacrifaces
Both Large And Small
For The Benefit
Of Their Children.

On The Back
Are Four Simple
But Powerful Words
That Sum Up
A Child*s Sincere
Appreciation For A
Lifetime Of Love
And Guidance.
""To Mom With Love""

The Awards Ceremony

You Have Spent
Half Your Lifetime
Caring For,Protecting,
Teaching,And Loving Me.
The Following is
Presentation Of All
The Awards You*ve
Earned For Doing
Such A Wonderful
Job Of Raising Me.

This Award Is
Given To Those
Who Courageously Press
Forward And Keep Going,
Even Though Wounded
And Hurt,
To Meet The Objective

The First Year
Is Where You
Really Had Your
Job Cut .
Remember All Those
Sleepless,Thankless Nights
Worrying About Little Illnesses,
Changing Diapers,Feeding
And Bathing Me ?
I Now Thank You
For Them And
Award You An
"Honorary Registered Nursing Degree"
For Your
Dedication And Skill.

The Best Teachers
Would Have A
Hard Time Accomplishing
All You Did
In A Few Short Years.
You Taught Me
Right From Wrong,
Good From Bad,
And Most Important
~How To Love.
I Hereby Award
You An
"Honorary Masters Degree In Teaching"
And Add My
Sincere Appreciation For
A Job Well Done

The Formative Years Until I Left
Home Were Rough.
Yet,You Taught
Me To Care
For People And
To Cope With
The Task Of
Life And Living.
I Hereby Award
You An
"Honorary Degree In Psychology"
And I Add
To The Tears
Of Joy I Feel
While Writing This
A Tender Kiss
Of Gratitude For
Your Love.

The Last Few
Years Of Wondering
What I*ve Been
Up To And
If I*ll Get
Where I*m Going
Have Demonstrated Your
Ability To Always
Be There When Needed.
Even When You
Weren*t In The
Best Of Spirits,
You Always Had
Enough Inner Strength
To Lift Me Up
And Keep Me Going.
For This You
Have Already Received
Your Award;
It Is A Touch
And Peace Of Mind
Given To Those
Worthy Of Them
From The Rules Of Eternity

The Next Award
Is The
Enclosed Diamond Necklace.
Actually It Is
Not Meant To
Be An Award,
But A Representation
Of My Appreciation
Of All The Work,
Love You Have
Put Into Making
Me Someone Who
Is Happy And Proud
To Be Your Child.
When You Feel Down ,
Wear It;
Let It Remind You
That In This
Cold World There Is
The Warmth Of
My Love Always
With You.
It Will Last Forever.
I Love You
For Having The
Courage To Be
Yourself And For Being
"The Best Mom In The World"

All of This
Was A Gift From My Son ~David

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