So here I am, my very first web-site, me, Becky Andreasson! First I would like to say, my life has been extraordinary. All our lives, my Mom; Betty(Andreasson) Luca, my Step Dad; Bob Luca, and other family members. We have lived with the UFO,& Paranormal Phenomenon, many kinds, all through our lives. There are five books published on our UFO Encounters, The Andreasson Affair, The Andreasson Affair-Phase Two, The Watchers, The Watchers II, and The Andreasson Legacy.

There are still on going experiences, and answers to questions, formula's, message's that were given, etc... My major part in these life long Angel/Alien visitations, is this Mystical language I have been taught,
by the Elders.

Becky Andreasson